Sunday, November 20, 2022


 And on the 8th day

god looked a tad bewildered,

even forlorn after that amazing week
of 24-7 creation,

feeling they might have forgotten
something crucial to the mix,

an item so small it’s almost

when you could see their palpable relief
as great shoulders relaxed and then

you overhear this low almost
imperceptible mumbling

to their behind-the-scenes long-term
partner, that sexy creative collaborator,

“Evidently, it’s the freckles.”

Thursday, November 17, 2022

    Let’s keep plunging 

for pearls, 

feasting on oranges and pomegranates, 

    preparing for arrival 

into that river 

of silver and light.

Friday, November 11, 2022

death blossoming inside us

like an errant sun,

this unnamed



that strange package

propped quietly

on the doorstep

of your life..

falling through 

a hole

in the earth

you cannot



Soaking It Up

In this rain 

she pours

a fevered ballet of fir 

tree and windstorm.

Her dancing lands

in an earthen jar 

of elemental blending.

I am soaked through my skin

laughing all the way 

beyond the banks of River 

meandering, separating

two states

in the Pacific Northwest.

At rickety pier's end

corkscrewing whirlpools

twist to transform the life

of a wet warrior boy;

he’s fending off stormy

advances. And the smell

of rain is a woman

entranced and entrancing.

And the joy 

of bounded blue lines 

on unfolded maps is a child

wandering to witness,

to discover and wonder,

to speak loudly with fervor

and frankness 

to the gods of adventure

and learning, 

these amphibious sirens 

of yearning

of drowning,



Monday, August 29, 2022

A Question of Questing

Scoured in the throat

of a sandstorm 

poems sprout wings

without words, yet implore

this tribe of clouds

these cotton soldiers 

lost in dreams of forgetting

where are the healers

and rowdy prophets,

those rambling ranks

of upwelling birds?


where stillness

soaks clear


a lone