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Monday, July 12, 2021

 a lone



almost pregnant

in its patient






this green

and shining


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

dawn's sky

gray stained

light soaked

crow cawed

whole body


a single ear

hears day


stretching her golden


into such haphazard


Monday, June 14, 2021

 Warming This Place

The hearth of the home—

the core of its being

and thrust

of its mysterious 


is the human heart

vibrant and tender,

     often shy

       yet still


without restraint 

to the human and 

more-than-human hearts

all around, these trees

stones animals grasses 

people and clouds,

while full-circling

like a wobbly child 

on her first bike

rounding the block,

bravely learning 

to receive the gift

of kindness 

as Dad’s proud grin

holds her steady softly

from 30 feet behind

even as strong 

calloused hands 

that guided

have let go. 

Friday, June 4, 2021


Last night’s dream,
Yet remember this story,
This visitor from the darkness,
I cannot..
These dreams slip
Through my preoccupied mind
Like so much smoke
From a chimney and yet
In their loyalty, these scintillas
Of sudden generosity
Have never forgotten
Me. Does the blossom
Not recall the hummingbird,
The wild bunny deny
This gift of fresh lettuce,
The grandfather act as if
He did not delight
At granddaughter’s giggle??
Why am I nothing
But an old man, lazy
And self-centered,
Beset by such defects
Of memory
Towards these amazing
Offerings from Creation’s
Pulsing Heart?

Monday, April 19, 2021

    To Be Astonished 

Breezes out of nowhere effervesce 

across our whispering tongues, midday 

light scatters her heady fragrance 

far beyond boyhood’s red bicycles, rooftop 

escapades, mischief-making 

job descriptions and voluptuous 

caramel sundaes taken in ecstatic 

silence on creaky drugstore stools, lips

smacking the only sound. Later 

those Saturday afternoon movie screens 

hurling magic towards beguiled eyes 

like flames blowtorched from a mighty 

dragon.  Nothing could match 

that freedom then, that flying 

through space shoelaces flapping, 

grinning and cavorting, belly laughing,

where even freckles pack dancing shoes. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

 Earth Quakes

A glass table shatters

like a family

after the affair

or the woman’s cry

as she hears

that awful diagnosis. 

Tiny jewels fallen

into cracks, shards

of what was once 

a stable place for wine

and plates of food,

now scattered aimlessly 

across this surface remind

us of life’s intrinsic 

fragility and our naked

thirst for certainty.  

Such urgency unslaked.

How this next hungry

breath might be 

our last, 

or the newborn’s pink

and lusty first, lips 

quivering she leans

towards the mirror 

of shimmering 

fulfillment, then 

takes a sip. 

Thursday, April 8, 2021

 A Pasta-ed Life

When a woman

With two first names

Exclaimed to me

‘You’re a noodler’

As I carefully placed

Each bit of bark

Back in my yard

From the sidewalk 

Onto which it strayed,

I initially cringed 

At the comparison

To a limp tube of flour,

Egg and salt afloat

In a boiling pot of water. 

But now that I’ve seen

The light, having a mind

Comprised of compulsive

Habits like a bowl

Of rigatoni 

Piled high and

Arranged perfectly or

Like a poem that enchants

With each line repeatedly

In rhyme,

Is satisfying beyond

All words, a compliment