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Friday, November 20, 2020

      Birthday Prayer

I want to live wildly serene

like spindrift flying off an ocean wave

sparkling in afternoon sunshine;

I want to live like the 10 year-old boy

dipping low to sneak a sniff of his grouchy

neighbor’s pink rose, savoring each inch

of smell that meets a happy nose;

I want to live like an old woman

sipping coffee in Autumn, wrapped

in her favorite sweater, remembering

her first love; I want to live like a waterfall

plunging at trail’s end down 100 feet

of granite onto a laughing man exulting

below, his tingling pink skin soaked

forever, like a cloud his upturned face

bows before his god; yes! I want to live

like Walt Whitman singing of himself

and everyone who has lived while he dances,

wrestling with his pals in the basement,

and those multitudes he contains.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Joy lives here.

On a small hearth made of wood

And stone and time.

An alert ivory seahorse rests

On a black pedestal in the living

Room, a presence calm and lasting.

Above him, an ocean wave forever

Breaking onto a pebbled shore

And two neon hummingbirds exulting

In the company of a fat moon

And that bursting litany of stars….

Sunday, October 18, 2020



The man’s body is tanned, taut and

Erect against the face of the cliff.


This cliff that lifts itself up and out

Past a shining moon.


Fingertips and toes scraped raw

Search for tiny outcrops of rock

To assist the ascent.


A conversation only they

Can hear between Stone and

Man ensues. He is agile:


Chest rests on her granite,

Infinities of space at his back,

Thoughts like light, unified

Simply precise on this



She : unforgivingly real, loves

His heart so close, a silence

Near dusk and as vast, washed

Chestnut brown.

After hours of grueling argument

Here on this blade of knife, the edge

Of life, they melt, dissolve into

Agreement that all is


Fragile, everything

Erodes, our dreams

Do sing, and


Every singer is ascending.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

   While Loving 

Your feet are my pillow

Your hands, my bedspread 

Your voice, my sun

This resting in silence, our

Moonlight on water....

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Hummingbird is a tiny muscle

of desire in love with her single

twig. This twig that every

morning patiently awaits

her frequent returns and

tolerates with the equanimity

only a tree can muster

her unpredictable, peripatetic

departures. Fluttering creature

steadfast perch, a haiku

of simple partnership. 

Sunday, September 13, 2020


       Ardent Altar


The day you decided to live

Close to extravagance


And follow your heart’s

Reckless leaping into love’s


Ardent arroyo, that day

Your bare feet made an altar

On the bedroom carpet, yes


That day suddenly the smoke

Began to clear as the fire,


Contained and uncontained,

Moved far inside your life,


Became your very breath.


The false self so damn obdurate,

Not only shows up at its own funeral,

      (alone, always alone)

But sits arms folded across a stony chest

Grinding teeth into clench-jawed

Memories of all those ill-gotten winnings,

those sneers, that turning away from Life,

Readied to toss the first shovelful 

Of dirt onto its descending casket

As it drools decades of spittle

Laced with unfelt regret

Onto grassy ground.