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Thursday, July 20, 2017

  Minneapolis Visitation

Living with the front door open,

this room of clattering forks 
and spoons overflows suddenly

with pure sky, great surprising 

In the cafe an old couple sits 
alone over eggs and toast. Worried 

faces dissolve at once into spacious 
blue forever, a completely new arising.

Facades of fear transform, become
the biggest Love I have ever seen,

a mirror of all horizons
rings in joy,
sings strong and shimmers.

We are welcomed to reflect 
right here astonished 

between earth and heaven
in classroom, cafe, car or office,

gently beckoned 
clear through 

these unknown open doors.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Yes, the bed was soft,
like silk, last night.

Sheets so cool they could
have been water. The pillow safely
under my head, a reminder of all
that’s good in the world.

Tucked in cozy and warm
under a nest of covers,

these welcoming layers
blanketed my mind from steep
drenching rainstorms of thought.

The body thankful as it leaned
into rest, the promise
of sleep’s quenching

soothed like a friend curving
quietly beside.

As the day’s scattered,
tattered shouts diminished, I fell

with ease slowly down, completely
into dreamtime’s green earth

of the sweetest unclenching.

(2008--revised July 13, 2017)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Real Faith

Real faith

in our


we are forever


Our hearts,

like a drop

of precious

as we

bidden and unbidden

time and again,

into the supple
arms of this



Peter J Lautz

April 30, 2017

Monday, July 10, 2017

Prayer Poem

May you rest easy in 
afternoon's hammock
woven from the care
and kindness
of friends
and always awaken
a cool breeze 
kissing and 

your skin.
May the generous
hummingbird fly
from flower to flower
in your green garden,
each sweet second
another surprise
for bright eyes
to hear,

alert ears
to see

this singing

this great light

shimmering silver

all through
and out of

the drifting

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weather Report

I want to rain/storm
your entire body
with care, subtle

misting, wild torrents.

Drench and glisten
your explorer's mind,
kiss your rainbow hair

through every weather.

Listen to you sing bits,
straight and feathery
into  my good ear

like a new/born lark,

like a dark cloud
spilling scintillas
of Light

into a pail
of pure dawn.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Sweet thing, such a sweet thing
in this small courtyard of surprise

where afternoon sun silkens
shoulders that ache.

Your breasts of moist moonlight,
your presence, a nectar shining
like rain onto earth’s first moments.

Your freckled smile a gift
to relinquish, not hold nor keep.

Your cloak of sky, chipped edges
faded from loving through salt
marsh and tide,

reveals oceans of radiance
that mend, nourish, gently

Here in grief’s well
I sit in virginal stillness

taken by your gaze,
your being so kind.

Origins of silence
cry from your eyes.

This joyride of innocence
steals my breath, my doubt.

I whisper ‘thanks’, stagger
through puddles of absence,

of memory that swell
our two hearts.

And alone, together
in life’s hour of quiet

we tremble,
we weep.
Summer’s Feast

Joy upon joy
Upon joy
Bursting forth as
Three or four

Sashay across
Skies of brilliant

This life-

Briefest puffs of colorful light
And our feast sprawled
Atop a picnic table.

The faces we've loved
Grin and shimmer, hovering

Above a field of green
That stretches before
Pie-stained purple lips

To a stand of birch trees,

Leafy fledglings astonished
And laughing in summer’s
Breeze murmur thanks,

At long last,